At Sparkpoint, we love to grow businesses! The thrill of helping companies and people achieve their dreams is the driving force behind our passion.


In today’s digital world, great digital marketing is the key to business success. After helping many clients achieve results online, we understand what it takes to help businesses achieve their goals and apply these proven strategies as a foundation in every campaign we work on.


Our philosophy is simple. We use PPC advertising to send the right traffic to your site, conversion rate optimization to get the most out of your traffic and click-to-close analytics to ensure that our results are affecting the metric that matters most: your bottom line.


By combining these three elements, we unlock the potential of digital marketing for you.


Sparkpoint was founded in 2013 with not only the vision to be one of the biggest digital marketing agencies in the UK and beyond. But also to be underpinned by a strong social enterprise ethos and morality. What we do is work with up and coming talent within the tech and digital marketing industry, as well as young people and individuals who are new to or may not have looked at online marketing as a full time occupation. 

So we work with them, we train them up and sharpen there skills where necessary. Once they're ready we put them on projects of varying degrees of difficulty, from beginner to intermediate to advanced over time. We've found by doing things this way, it has become a win win for both our clients and the individuals that work with us. Because every member of our team is highly motivated and excited by each project or campaign. We've actually gotten much better results for our clients as there is a lot more creativity on projects and have been able to do things we probably wouldn't have been able to do had there not been the same chemistry in our teams.

This is why the companies called Sparkpoint, we are about finding that spark and getting to the essence of what a good campaign should be about. We aim to help you convey a new message, something exciting, something moving, something captivating for your audience. Which all results in a higher ROI for our clients because you're communicating a message potentially has never been seen before.