Results Obsessed, Performance Marketing, For B2C Brands

We are a data-driven B2C marketing agency that believes in customer obsession. Our fluid approach allows us to plan personalised journeys using insight, intelligence, and passion. We turn ‘informed strategy’ into action and action into business growth.


A Bit About Us...


We're a performance-driven team that focuses on delivering results across multiple platforms. We use insights gained through past success and industry knowledge to build creative campaigns that drive business results.

We love to work with national finance businesses, by scaling their campaigns through paid traffic and sales funnels. Often working on a 'cost per lead' or 'cost per sale' model. 

We sell leads your sales team will love that provide you with an instant ROI, or turn underperforming ad campaigns into highly profitable ones.


If you're not happy with the results from your online advertising, then we should talk? Let's chat...



You have a choice.

What Do We Do?

We help our clients to achieve their performance marketing objectives by delivering efficient customer acquisition through the biggest media partners in the world.

Lead Generation

We generate web leads for a 'cost per lead' that works for us and you. From 50 leads per week to 5,000 we can deliver.

Global Reach

Whether you're providing financial help to Canadians, or selling super cars to Australians, we can help.

Sales Funnel

We build your branded advertising funnels for you, at no cost if you order leads from us

Landing Pages

We're landing page enthusiasts and split testing nerds. We'll design, nurture and improve them while you sleep.

Secure & Sustainable

GDPR verified with airtight cyber security. We take pride in keeping both yours and your customers data secure.

Scalable Campaigns

Order leads from us, and watch your business grow at a rate you are comfortable with.

Sparkpoint Digital - "a new mix of performance orientated advertising for brands that care about audience quality through major channels."

Why Sparkpoint Digital?

Sparkpoint Digital partners with the world's most ambitious leaders and businesses, as a trusted advisor to help tackle their most complex and challenging obstacles.


Headquartered in Islington London, we apply our diverse scope and skillset to help our organisations to continuously outperform their competition. We pride ourselves on our creativity and abstract problem solving abilities. We may not be the oldest firm around, but we are most certainly the most creative. We proudly use this advantage to tackle problems that others can't; because our success has always been measured by our client's success.


Time and effort given to you by each of our program directors


Average revenue increase for those we have worked with


Clients we have helped over the years

How it works?

Partnering with us is a seamless, albeit drastic transition. 


We say this is “drastic”, due to the fact that many clients experience a doubling or tripling of sales within a few days. 


Once you partner with one of our industry leaders, we will install our top-performing systems into your business. For most of our clients, the effects are almost immediate to their bottom line.

We set Sparkpoint Digital up with a mission...'To spend more time on high-value tasks for our clients while making an impact on the developing world by giving them resources & training'

Work with us

We are looking for bright, client facing people who aren't afraid of the numbers to come and join our team. Get in touch!

Tools In Our Toolbox

We've partnered with the brightest technology partners so we can offer our clients the best tracking, reporting and campaign performance tools, powerful attribution software and light-touch administration.

Contact Us

If you are looking for an agency that can scale your campaigns, drive incremental growth and bring your marketing plans to life, then we would love to hear from you.